Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thriftin' & Junkin'

i've got some good stuff for ya'll today! well it's good stuff to me ;-)

if you follow my gardening blog then you will know i looooove junk...especially other peoples junk! that's the best kind. i am always blown away by stuff that people get rid of! i find some of the best stuff on the sides of roads!!! don't ya'll?

today i am linking up to linda over @ coastal charm for nifty thrifty tuesday. this will be my first time joining in on the fun. she is actually my neighbor...well not as in we live next door...but we do live in the same town. In blog land that makes her my neighbor!

my mom and i looooove goodwill. i don't know if ya'll have a goodwill where you live, but if you do you need to check it out. our local goodwill stores get the best stuff donated from target!!! brand new stuff at that!!

picked up these stacking baskets. i am going to paint them a bright color and use them in my future kitchen to store fruit and veggies. these didn't come from target though. i paid $2 for them

but this did!!!!! i have a "thing" with lanterns. i pick them up everywhere. i have lanterns of all sizes, shapes and colors. this one will go great in my collection. i hang them from the ceiling, use them on the patio, on the mantel....everywhere! this one is fabulous if  you ask me! i paid $4 for the lantern.

this was my find of the day!!!! a brand new king size coverlet from target. isn't it beautiful. i can't wait until i get moved into my house and can use this!!! i am going to use a comforter with it and adds lots of color with pillows. ya'll will have to wait a few months for that reveal.  

it came with 2 king size shams. it is soooooo soft and cozy!

it is reversible too, that's always a plus. i will tell ya'll that this was probably the most expensive item at goodwill, but i wanted it, i loved it, and had to have it! i don't know how much it would have been in at target brand new, but i know it would've been much more than i paid for it, which was $60

i always laugh when i'm checking out because the cashier will be sure to let you know if an item is over $10. she makes sure that you know that this quilt is about to cost you $60 and you aren't getting it for $5. that gets pointed out alot to me while shopping at goodwill.

my mom also got some good deals

she bought this queen sized blanket for $21. its hard to tell, but it is a deep plum color.

she finds the best seasonal decor! you wouldn't believe the awesome things she gets at goodwill! this little pumpkin being one of them. i did a post about her thrifty finds over at my other blog. you can read about it HERE.

she also picked up this potted amaryllis, which looks very real! it was $16, and the cashier was sure to let us know. they kinda give you that crazy "you are gonna pay $16 for a fake plant?" look when they check you out! pretty funny.

some more of her seasonal decor.....christmas trees!


now, somedays i get really lucky. last tuesday was one of those days! my friend ramona called me to tell me about a moving sale in her neighborhood. who can resist a moving sale???? i sure can't.

the lady had some stuff on her back porch that she was going to put out at the road for the trash to pick up. ummm no i don't think so! this table is going with me!!! so i moved it right on into the back of my truck! it has an old iron base with a small marble top. it is really heavy! it will looks great on my new back porch painted a bright festive color :-)


she also had this little dish for sale. i plan on using it in my kitchen, next to the sink to store dish soap and scrubbers. i paid one whole dollar for this!!!

this was the find that made my heart really happy that day....a turkey platter. turkey platters are like lanterns...i love them and must have everyone i see. you can never have too many turkey platters or lanterns!!! i pick them up everywhere. you can see more of them on my other blog . made me even happier that is was only a dollar as well!

the lady had an old wooden step ladder in her driveway advertising her moving sale! needless to say...i got the ladder too!!! it's at ramonas house waiting for me to pick it up. i walked out of there with 4 great items and only spent $2!!!!

well that's enough junk for one day. don't worry i will have more next week! i am gonna show off a few projects for ya'll this week, so stick around!


  1. LOVE ALL THE FINDS!!! wish we could go junkin together!!

  2. Wow! You made out well on your Goodwill run. I never find goodies like that around here. I think everyone beats me to the good deals. LOL! I am a basket nut so I love your baskets. The pumpkin is so pretty! And the quilts! Great finds.

  3. DP what great finds!!!!! I adore that marble top table! And no, it's never enough junk for the day, lol


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