Monday, May 7, 2012

Pulling It Together

In just a few weeks I will be moving into my "new to me" house! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! The house was actually my best friends grandmothers house. I spent lots of time at that house in high school....and I never thought that I might one day live there. It is an old house, but it has been updated. The floors are wood throughout, and are original to the house.

I have been designing everything from the garden to the house. When I have a project I always have it designed in my head before I ever find fabric, paint, flooring, etc.

I knew that I wanted blue and yellow in the master bedroom, and I wanted to paint the walls a certain shade of blue. I browsed the Internet, searched the home stores, and found nothing that fit the bill. Finally at World Market I found what I wanted......

this pillow! This was perfect! It has all the colors I wanted.

It has the BLUE, GOLD, & SAGE GREEN.
The next task was finding a comforter to match. That was no easy task.
 Again I didn't find anything that I liked. I went online one day to to check out some other items, and just thought I would check out their bedding. Low and behold I find a duvet.

It was the perfect color and the perfect price!!!! $32.00!!! Can't beat that! I had not planned on getting a duvet, but it worked out. Do ya'll ever check ut Overstock? Let me tell ya...I have found some really good deals on there! I ended up buying a down comforter from them to fill this duvet. Shipping is $2!!!!!

I picked up the gold fabric to make a bolster pillow. The white fabric with the blue/green embroidery will be used to make large square pillows to go across the bed. I took this picture with the flash off.......the next picture is with the flash on.....

changes the colors a bit

I decided to make my curtains out of burlap. It matches the pillow, and ties it all together. I also love the contrast of it against the blue walls. The fabric on the right will be used as the drapery header.

I can't wait to get every thing made and put it all together

Here is another shot the the drapery fabric (no flash)

and a shot with the flash on.

The walls will be Peacock Plume by Sherwin Williams. This picture doesn't do it any you will have to wait to see it when the room is complete.

I also finished selecting fabrics for the living room. Again, I knew what I wanted in here. My couch is RED
 so I needed a fabric with red in it. I also wanted to have a blue, green and gold. This fabric was perfect.

The walls in the living and kitchen are knotty pine.
 I want to paint them, and rought them up to look old and aged.

I recently finished up a large hospitality project, and I used a contrasting sheer against a light drapery panel and it looked awesome. So I decided to do the same thing in my living room. I found a brown linen with a pattern embroidered on it with twine.

I love it!

I found this pillow the other day at Dirt Cheap for $4!!! Man I love that place! You can find some really cool things in there if you are willing to dig!

So what do ya'll think? Now that those two rooms are done I can move on to the others. I do have the kitchen done, but we will save that for later.


  1. It is good to see you again and I so look forward to seeing your home, which looks like it is going to look fabulous with all of those fabrics.

    Happy Homemaking ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh darlin', I do so love the colors you've put together there and am very anxious to see the kitchen...the heart of your 'new to you' home!

    I have a feelin' we have much in store for us!

    God bless ya and enjoy your home sweetie! :o)

  3. looks beautiful...i love the colour combination. you will have to show pictures of the finished project.

  4. Great colors for your room. I love red so I know I am going to love it. I know you are so excited to be getting out in your own place - I know mom's is nice but there's no place like your own place. Hey let me know about those pine walls. I have the old pine paneling in the living room and the dining room and my rooms are so dark - I need to lighten up my rooms. Help!! I'll be keeping an eye on your projects.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics. I like this blog - just found it. I look forward to seeing pictures of the rooms all done out :)


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